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Statement of purpose

Within the social context of the 21st century, globalization, the Internet, and easy access to endless amounts of information, have given birth to powerful tools and possibilities in the area of personal learning. However, such power might get in the way of the learning process if it is not used rationally and with appropriate methods. MAGIC AGORA is the child of our deep undrstanding of technology and our creation of effective distance learning methodologies.

MAGIC AGORA‘s essential objective is the education of magicians as artists and professionals in the Art of Magic; by devoting time and efort to extensive research and by developing the most appropriate training technology for magicians, we have created an effective method for learning magic. Designed to offer quality education to all magicians, here are some of the things that Magic Agora does:

  • It creates study courses and individual lessons taught by magicians who are universally recognized as experts in their field.
  • It develops a specialized environment for the integral education of magicians.
  • It offers a well-proven methodology which makes an intelligent use of all its teaching materials, including: printed materials, video, interactive participation and practice.
  • It offers resources that will support your continuous growth as a magician: a virtual practice room, an amazing array of technological tools, a community of learners and a consultation service.
  • It actively promotes the official recognition  of the magician’s professional career.

MAGIC AGORA is international and multicultural in scope and its faculty is comprised of experts in the field of magic and professionals in the field of distance learning.


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