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Whatever is your level, from beginner to initiate, ENTER MAGIC ÁGORA and learn from the fantastic courses developed by great masters of the Magic art. Designed with advanced technology and current methodology texts, videos, interactive tools, learning from your computer, iPad or Android tablet.

Magic Agora

Magic Agora

Together with the courses, Magic Agora offers you a media, continually growing, with hundreds of lessons with the fundamental techniques so you can train and learn, every day, new skills for your magic.

If you love Magic, you can enter Magic Agora in two ways:

icono Signing up for any of the courses (It allows you on the duration of the course).
icono And, the best way and more economic: SUBSCRIBE for a very affordable price and enjoy forever the Membership Benefits MAGIC AGORA School

Video presentation

If you want to see what a course looks like, we recomend that you go to: “What does a course in Magic Agora look like?”

The way it works is simple.

  1. Choose the course that fits your needs the best.
  2. Book a place taking into consideration the starting and ending dates.
  3. When the day comes, we will contact you to inform you about all the steps you must follow to complete the course.
  4. Learn and enjoy using everything we have set up for you


  • With the teachers you have chosen; you will be in touch with them; they will answer your questions and give you all you need to study in depth during the course. They will assess and guide you while you learn to achieve the course’s goals.
  • With your class-mates; with whom you’ll be in contact so that you can share your successes and seek solutions to problems.
  • With all the students in Magic Agora. You will have the chance to be in touch, not only with your class-mates, but also with all the students in the world who are part of Magic Agora.


  • We give you the best means to guarantee your learning.
  • Learning contents use an innovative methodology. You will be given documents, exercises and practices to do; plus videos that will show you how to perfectly do every technique you have to learn, even being able to watch it from different angles.
  • An online learning system with all the best tools such as videoconferencing, forums, storage areas, instant messaging with others, so that the communication with your teacher is guaranteed.
  • A magic practice room where you will be able to practice from home, any time you need to, with functions like “mirror view” or recording your practicing to watch yourself later to later send it to your teacher so that he can help you improve your skills.
  • Access to the private learning community, where you will find the material teachers make available for you as well as the glossary of techniques and a complete set of explanatoryvideos with routines to rehearse.


  • Our mission is to help you improve your skills in the world of magic. Learning from the best professionals and the best means is the key to assure a quality experience for you..
  • If you have any doubts or questions you can contact us by clicking here.

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