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If I buy a course, will I get a downloadable video?

No, Magic Agora is completely different from the sites where you download videos. Courses on Magic Agora are taught following online learning methodology. You will have start and end access dates through our online campus when you will get access to read and learn the course contents andreceive help from your tutor, all of this with the company of the rest of course students. For more information we recommend you to check ¿how does Magic Agora work?.

When will I be able to register?

Our first courses have already started, you can browser our site and, once you’ve found a course you like, click “Enroll”.

What do I need in order to participate in a course?

All you need is an Internet connection, material such as cards, coins, etc. It will vary depending on the course, though no material is supplied

How can I participate in the open community?

You just need to register in the portal, remember it is totally free. Once you register you will get a confirmation email. You can now access with your account. In order to write in the community, click on the link “Campus Access” (on the right side of the screen).

What’s in a course?

Courses are taught at Magic Agora’s virtual campus. The main factor in any course is the professor, and of course the content itself.

  • The content is an audiovisual guide with texts and other multimedia resources that will guide you through a trick or technique.
  • With the content, activities will help you to remember and reinforce what you’ve just learnt.

Adding to the course content, the campus has tools designed to ease student-teacher and student-student communication.

  • Internal Messaging: will help you to be in touch with your teacher.
  • Forums: will allow you to be in touch with your class mates and solve common doubts.
  • Practice room: you can record yourself performing a routine and later on send the video to the teacher to get their feedback.
  • Statistics: will allow you to track your progress in the course.

Which language are courses taught in?

There are two language parameters in each edition:

  • The content language: the course content (texts and videos) can be in different languages, it is important that you understand the content language to get advantage of it.
  • The edition language: a professor can decide in which language he or she wants to communicate with his/her students. It might occur that a professor wants to communicate in Spanish but the content is given in English. The edition language sets the language that will be used in forums, messaging, and activities.

What does ‘consulting service’ mean?

The consulting service enables you to be in touch with a professor to get private assesment so he/she can evaluate and give you advice in your routine or in how to prepare a contest. Prices will vary but are set according to the teacher and lenght of your request.

Does Magic Agora sell props?

No, Magic Ágora doesn’t plan to sell any props. Magic Agora is an online learning academy and is not planning to sell material, you can get material from any magic store in your city or on the Internet.

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