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Miguel Ajo
  Miguel Ajo
Miguel Ajo

His career in magic began in his childhood thanks to Juan Tamariz collectibles. After
collecting them with determination, he discovered Tamariz’s magic shop in where
he bought his first magic book. His late entry in the SEI was marked by the award
Ascanio 1998. Miguel met Manolo Talman, who six years later would lead him down
the path of the Ascanio’s magic. At the SEI he also met Miguel Gomez, who became
his direct reference, and thanks to which in 2001 began to prepare a magic routine
for the Ascanio’s Memorial. It was there that he met Jose Que Soy Yo, his twin in
magic, who took the prize that year. Miguel does not surrender and a year later he
won the Ascanio’s Memorial Award, and in 2004 won second prize in card magic at the
Spanish National Championship. Thus began his recognition in the world of magic, that
Miguel seasoned with one-person and team performances with Jose. Among his great
successes, the Conference of the “Great Spanish Card Magicians” and “Construction,
Feelings and Management” to the forefront.

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