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V Festival Cabra Cadabra
Fifth Cabra cadabra Festival: review
Still assimilating the great weekend we spent in Cabra, province of Cordoba, we write these lines telling our impressions of a Congress that has left us great moments. Two days full of magic, a great atmosphere and tasty food. Here you have a brief resume of what happened this weekend in Cabra Cadabra:  - St. [...]

Monedas y Otras historias
Coins and other stories: the magic of Luis Piedrahita
Among the magic books recently published there is one that stood out especially at the time of its release for several reasons: first, the identity of its author; second of all, because the quality of finish and presentation, and finally, and perhaps most importantly, by its magic. “Coins and Other Stories” is the first b. [...]

New Spanish magic TV Show: “Por Arte de Magia”
On September 13 at 22:30 pm Spanish time program Antena 3 premiered the program all spanish speaking magicians where waiting for: “Por Arte de Magia,” a version of the original talent show “The Magicians” by the BBC, hosted in Spain by Anna Simón. Spanish magicians were looking forward to finally see on screen the res. [...]

Back to School with Magic Agora: welcome to course 2013-2014
We are in September! Summer is over, some might be enjoying their last days of vacation and many returned to work. In Magic Agora e just took a few vacation days and kept working: we recharged batteries and worked to start the course 2013/2014 in the best way possible. And for all those who w. [...]

Course 52x52
52×52: Step by Step
The time passes quickly and we just entered the month of May. A couple of months ago in Magic Agora began a new stage in the new content we wanted to prepare to offer magic training from the most basic to the most advanced levels. With this in mind we began the course 52 St. [...]

What magic course do I choose?
You are in Magic Agora, receive our News Letter and enjoy the benefits of our media library. But when choosing a course, you have doubts. What to choose?One or several ones?This teacher or another one? In this article we give you some tips that you may find useful when choosing a course of our educatio. [...]

Is magic an art?
Is Magic an Art?
In early January 2013, the famous card magicians Jason England and Paul Wilson released on Youtube a video that asked a simple and interesting question: Is the magic art?  England and Wilson traveled around the world asking some professionals and lovers of magic their opinion. Some, like Dani Daortiz, Chad Long and Johnny Thompson . [...]

Memorial Frakson 2012. Review, Part II: Lectures and Gala.
We rejoin the Memorial Frakson’s 2012 review with the details of the two conferences and the Stage Gala that closed the Memorial. The first conference was in charge of the long announced Salvano Jr, Tom Anders.The conference was entirely in French, so Jean Pierre was counted for simultaneous interpretation and certainly did a great job.Af. [...]

Memorial Frakson 2012. Review: Frakson Contest.
Once again, spanish stage magic lived his golden hours in the town of Sanchinarro, adjacent to Madrid. The date: November 17. Madrid’s Magic Circle turned in organizing an award always indicative of the health of the Spanish stage magic. This year’s Frakson Memorial was specially exciting and emotional, because a few days before had d. [...]

Cultural Páginas
Páginas Cultural Event, live!
Yesterday a new edition of Páginas Culture Event took place from Pagina’s Madrid headquarters. However, it wasn’t just another edition, but the first one offered also online so other magicians who doesn’t live in Madrid would be able to take part on it. Internet was very much the topic of this Culture Event presented. [...]

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