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About us

Magic Agora is the result of the association of professional magicians who teach and manage the project with technicians who make all the systems work and directors who improve and make the project evolve.

Magic Agora is a product managed by Wittyboxes S.L, a company dedicated to running online learning projects, that was founded in the city of Valencia, Spain.

The people directly involved in the project are:

Pepe Monfort: who has more than 35 years of experience as a magician and a creator of magic-related projects. He is the manager, creator and director of many complex virtual learning projects and has won the Spanish National “Expansion” award, and the Award for relevant technological development in the Community of Valencia.

Salva PellicerSalvador Pellicer, who is the director of technology for a number of online universities and enterprises among them Valencia International University, Generalitat Valenciana, Wittyboxes and Entornos de Formación.
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Online Magic school Online magic school and resources for magicians