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Anthology of the Spanish Card Magic

As we discussed in our previous post, Cabra Cadabra’s Festival had great moments that needed a whole article.One of these points was the great contribution of Miguel Gomez not only in this year’s Festival, but Spanish card magic in general: we are talking about the Anthology of Spanish Card magic.

Miguel Gómez’s performance was scheduled for Saturday night, after the stage magic gala and dinner.Quite a challenge, since Miguel also participated in the stage gala and time to start the Anthology at Cortijo Frias was expected late at night. Still, despite the long day, despite the little hours of sleep, though another he performed in another act before and despite the time was close to 02:00 am, there was Miguel Gomez, with its distinctive mustard-colored jacket. In front of him, fifty magicians had something very clear: you can be dying of sleep, but Miguel Gomez performing the Anthology is a must see.

In the Overture, Miguel welcomed us with a purple bow tie and the talk of a spanish magician in the dawn of the 70s, with exquisite education and vocabulary from those years, performing a stage card magic effect just how it was presented back then.

After the overture, Miguel presented his tribute to the magic he has infinite affection. We were thrilled hearing him say how lucky he feels for having grown up with that magic and those names he gives tribute in the Antology. After that, he talked about his first deck of cards and how he decided never to touch it, such was his excitement. And so begins the magic and the unique and wonderful “Rite of Passage” the trick that Miguel performs to honor Luis Garcia.Miguel dreams, and the deck is shuffled repeatedly. Several amazing poker hands are dealt, each stronger and powerful. Then Miguel awakes, and restless, looks the deck he promised never to touch: and there it is, intact and in perfect order, after all the shuffles. As if the deck and the magic happened with the cards only have been, in fact, some kind of a dream. The trick is a great beauty and as the reader may guess, has a great technical complexity, only available today than a few performers of card magic along the world.

But the tribute continues, magic happens and other names are mentioned. And although these names are known to all: (Arturo de Ascanio, Pepe Carroll and his Suit Apparition…) the tribute is, in Miguel’s words, “for a generation of Spanish magicians since 1970 until today that have put their effort to grow the level of our card magic. ”

The tricks happen one after another and the time goes with them. We enjoyed each trick and their unique presentations. If we would looked around us, we would have seen fifty sleepy faces yet amazed by the magic we witnessed. But we could not see that because our eyes were also fixed on what was happening on the table.

We do not want a detailed breakdown of the tricks we enjoyed in the Anthology: let’s just say that we highly recommend to our readers do not miss the opportunity to attend this show if the opportunity arises. They will be witnesses to the way a generation of magicians card magic that made Spanish a stamp of unmistakable identity and that still is making great names for the present and the future of our magic.

Miguel’s farewell after the show is worthy of mention, and carries a message for all the magicians who witnessed the Anthology: non forget that we are “children” of the magic we witnessed, and that is our duty to work with passion for rising Spanish card magic to the place that is natural to it.



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