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Fifth Cabra cadabra Festival: review

Still assimilating the great weekend we spent in Cabra, province of Cordoba, we write these lines telling our impressions of a Congress that has left us great moments. Two days full of magic, a great atmosphere and tasty food. Here you have a brief resume of what happened this weekend in Cabra Cadabra:

 - Stage Magic Competition:

After a long journey of more than six hours hitting the road, luckily we arrived just in time to the Jardinito theater in Cabra to enjoy the stage magic competition. The best was undoubtedly the host of the competition: as is traditional Juan Luis Rubiales showed that also has a great stage charm.He got the audience of Cabra in his pocket from the very first moment and displayed a huge imagination and creativity when presenting to each of the contestants. Rubiales was, without any doubt, a very original and amusing host.

The contest itself was discreet, but we enjoyed good acts and promising ideas: Pedro Moya and company relaunched the act we saw in Almussafes and in the national championship in Guadalajara.We still think that a little more magic and a little less of dance and juggling would suit the act perfectly. The idea is good and the act is good, but for a magic contest is rather short. Alexku presented a very correct manipulation act: very visual details with thimbles, some manipulations with cards little less fluid and for the end brilliant handling with ball manipulations.Special mention deserves the act presented by TuttiliFamili who showed a piece of his show for theater, a love story with a sharp sense of humor. act must be worked out and a little restructure would be appreciated but it was definitely a breath of fresh air in the contest. Sure you will hear about this couple of Granada. Cuban Harlen closed the contest with a very “80s” production of umbrellas and grand illusions.The act was worthy of first place largely due to a couple of moments thatmade magicians and laymen stood. The audience could not believe what had happened before their eyes.

Thus, Pedro Moya won the third prize, Alexku (in our opinion worthy of first prize) won the second and Harlen was proclaimed winner.

 - Close Up Magic Competition:

The close-up and parlor magic contest consisted in three distinct groups of magicians and two rounds before the finals. The jury was chosen randomly among the audience in each round. From what we could see, the level was very uneven, with really promising magicians and others who simply wanted to have a good time showing his love to magic. This contest gave us much to think about how the current lay public sees magic. For example, acts without technical difficulty and with a typical presentation based on the comedy liked much more than very well assembled acts, designed and made personal by some magicians. It was the case of the Valencian card magic routine presented by Pablo Garrido, which would have been highly valued in a contest with a jury formed by magicians, but didn’t convince that much the public in Cabra. Practically the only cases in which the magical quality and applause agreed was the case of three winners: Roberto Gómez third, second Rafa de la Torre and Vicent Gines first.The three winning routines presented card magic. Special Mention to Pepe Carrol’s “triple chinchetazo” that Rafa the Tower presented for the occasion. Viewing this magician act was an absolute pleasure … And we saw it three times! Meanwhile, Vincent Gines was also inspired by Pepe Carroll for his version of “Instructions” with lots of magic and the encore we all know.

As a personal opinion, the close contest made us reaffirm our belief that it is better to be brave and try to show something personal to the public that copying a full act that belongs to another magician by the mere fact that the act “works”.

 - Saturday night Gala:

The Gala on Saturday night featured great level magicians with unusual proposals i a stage magic gala. Mario Lopez hosted the show and we can say… this guy is great! Brash, personality, in place and with good magic. Paraded across the stage very different artists including: Harlen, as winner of the stage competition. He presented a different grand illusion act and was very well received. Fernando Arribas presented his ingenious and delicious magic with witty words and self composed music. Miguel Gomez showed that he can also fill a stage with only a deck of cards … Without screen! And the climax arrived with the great Alberto de Figueiredo: shocking magic, lots of people from the audience participating and hilarious moments that delighted the spectators.

- Sunday Gala:

On Sunday and as shutdown of the festival Ludus Company presented their new theatrical magic show for children.Two lovely characters, Franky and Luigi, lived a home adventure in which everything gets out of hand because of some magic dust.Although the premiere of the show was a little long, the work was very correct.

 - Conclusion:

Cabra Cadabra is an inimitable congress, charming, unique and made to enjoy with friends. The best of congress was the moments with fellow magicians, the magic in the corridors and anecdotes. But beyond that, this fifth edition had two points to which we will devote two separate posts. They are worth it. One of these points was the “Anthology of Spanish Card Magic” by Miguel Gomez and the other, the great artist Juan Luis Rubiales. We are already preparing a review of the “Anthology”. See you around!



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