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Coins and other stories: the magic of Luis Piedrahita

Among the magic books recently published there is one that stood out especially at the time of its release for several reasons: first, the identity of its author; second of all, because the quality of finish and presentation, and finally, and perhaps most importantly, by its magic.

Coins and Other Stories” is the first book of coin magic written by Spanish Luis Piedrahita (La Coruña, February 19, 1977) The first thing that draws attention having the book in your hands is its hardbound finish of its black cover. Only holding it, the passionate reader can feel that he’s holding between his fingers a great book. The passionate magician can also predict that the magic secrets hidden in its pages are as unique as its author.

The book, dedicated by its author to the master magician Juan Tamariz, also has the collaboration of other great figures of magic: Manolo Cuesta (Author of Coins in Crescendo), Miguel Angel Gea, recognized coin magician; Dani DaOrtiz, Jorge Blass and Roman Garcia, who certainly had the luck along with Kiko Pastur to live the first steps of the King of Small Things.

After introductory remarks by Juan Herrera (“Little Empty Boxes”) and a foreword by the author, the book begins with a short article about fakes and gimmicks by Manolo Cuesta. A few pages of vital importance, because the coin magic of Luis Piedrahita is characterized by the use of   these props.Right from the first pages is remarkable how easy it is to read: Large print in large paragraphs, ideal for the eyes not to get tired when you try to read the whole book in just one afternoon. It happens.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the book (if you can say such a thing) is the chapter on “personal handlings”: a total of five coin magic techniques that could only come out of the mind of Luis Piedrahita. Its picturesque and witty names are only part of its charm. The chapter is especially interesting because it perfectly embodies the idea who believes that the magicians should customize existing techniques to make them their own, to naturalize the passes and in short, to make their magic something unique and personal.These five maneuvers are five small gems that already worth the book that are printed in.

But magicians also want tricks. Magicians always want tricks! And so Luis selects and explains in depth, with care, top ten tricks that are no doubt imbued with the artist’s personality. Adapted  tricks (such as Ramsay Cylinder and Wild Coins, who although were popularized by David Roth, are lit here from an idea of ​​Roman Garcia) and tricks that Luis Piedrahita has performed on television (As “Four Coins and A Sponge” or “Coin to Aspirin”)

The layout of the book is exquisite and black and white photographs, sober and beautiful, enhancing the performer’s hands and the true stars: the coins. The cultural contributions are many and very beautiful: the story of Alvaro Cunqueiro “Treasures and other magic” is proof of that.

For if the reader hasn’t guessed, Coins and Other Stories is not a book for beginners. The Coin Magic Luis draws the brilliant use of fakes and gimmicks, and the author says already in his preface that the reader should only use such props after reading calmly the “Bobo” or “Coins in Crescendo” with the subsequent practice of the hands of the learner in handling coins.

And yet … yet the novice magician can learn great things from this book of coin magic. Even just reading through the wonders that a lover of magic can be achieved with hard work, dedication and much love for what he do. More or less, the same ingredients that distills this book, which is after a year from its release, a must for all lovers of coin magic.


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