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Learn magic at Magic AgoraWhy learning magic?

Why learning magic?

In our latest article we wrote about the need of teaching good magic. Thinking about this matter occurred to us that there was also a question that deserves a few words, as the other side of a coin. If the first was “Why teaching good magic?”, this would be called “Why learn magic?” We know that many of our regular readers have been in magic world for a while: perhaps a few months, and even some, many years. But to our online magic school also access an increasingly number of lay people willing to become magicians. New magic enthusiasts, young apprentices and why not say, curious who want to know what is magic about. To all of you, new and old, here’s our answer to the question: why learn magic?

1. – It’s a hobby that gives great satisfaction:

Oddly enough, the magic is one of the great hobbies by number of practitioners in countries like the United States. Especially card magic, but also close-up magic in general, are frequented by thousands and thousands.And, who does not know a magic trick? One that grandfather taught us, or our father maybe. Or that friend in school. Magic is deeply rooted in our lives and certainly generates a lot of curiosity. Learn their secrets and how to be a good keeper of such secrets is a great satisfaction.

2. – Discipline the mind:

Study and training is not easy: it is a long road, you need to enjoy leisurely, savoring each route point. Studying magic can help you to discipline your mind if you do it the right way: step by step, book by book, trick by trick. Learning magic teaches you to exercise patience and realize that the rush is never good companions.

3. – Provides manual and psychomotor skills:

Of course! Even the dullest of magicians in their practice acquires a very particular skills. Something that can be extremely beneficial in the case of children, when they start training and practicing the skills of magic while they are still very young. The hands and fingers are strengthened, harmonic movements are worked, along with rhythm and pause. Coordination is essential for a magician and that is why we should never stop perfecting ourselves in this fascinating art.

4. – Teaches and trains social skills:

Magic is interaction! Magic is made to be presented in front of an audience that magician must astound, amaze, entertain, amuse … Whether it’s close-up or on a stage, practice and improve magical arts can turngood students into great communicators.

5. – Magic gives you the chance to meet a new world

It is difficult to describe in a few lines what feels a magician apprentice in his first magic congress: meeting great magicians from around the world, learning great secrets, interacting with people around the world united by the same passion: magic. But if you do not know those feelings and you are still hesitating, read some of our congress reviews. Magic is a new world that can make you travel the world and meet interesting people in love with your same passion.

Are you still thinking about it? Come and learn magic!



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