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How to better sell my magic

The first thing to do for any professional in any field is self-criticism, and we magicians do not escape this principle. Nowadays, number of magicians around the world keep increasing day by day. The offer of “professional magicians” has triggered an almost absurd in the last twenty years. Many times, these professionals are nothing but amateur magicians that blow their wallet with tricks or illusions from a magic shop and then start a career on professional magic. The rise of the Internet and the proliferation of magic as a business are some of the causes of this phenomenon. However, even when magic has become the main hobby and passion for more and more people, and even when has gained visibility in the media does not mean that increasing has been also a qualitative one.

The truth is that often we find clients who are suspicious when hiring a magician, as they had a disastrous experience with one in the past. There are few disappointed customers because they hired the cheaper they found, and their dreamed event turned into a bad joke. But in this article we do not want to discuss these facts, but offer some tips for those who after years of study and practice want to jump to an audience beyond family or friends. Here are five humble suggestions:

 1. – Be patient.

A career in magic is built with hard work and dedication. It makes sense that your first performances do not go as perfect as you expect. Don’t launch into action after buying a few tricks in a magic shop. You need years of study, experience and advice before deciding to take the plunge. And even then, you should always have the feeling that you’re missing a world of learning. Be advised by magicians more experienced than you in whom you trust.

2. – Have something to offer.

Again, do not launch into action after buying a bunch of tricks in a magic shop. Take time to create a magic act or a show that has something different from the rest. Although your beginnings might be marked for your reference magicians, never stop looking for your own voice. Remember that your goal is hat your audience won’t look for another magician for their next event: you want them to see you performing again.

3. – Create a website.

By now you should know that having a website is critical to have visibility into the most accessed source of information: the Internet. Do not be fooled: creating a good a website for you is not cheap if you don’t know how to make it on your own. The design, programming, maintenance, SEO tasks … All these factors and many others make a website something expensive, but you can’t stay without one. Maybe at first you don’t need to invest a lot of money on a website, but it doesn’t matter. Try to create a simple web page to give you visibility. A WordPress blog with a nice template can be a very good choice to start. Don’t invest money and time from sites “Flash” builded, because among other things are a really bad for SEO tasks. Avoid also prefabricated websites. In the long run, and if you want to devote to magic, asking the service of a professional web designer is the best choice.

4. – Mind your social media:

Nowadays, social media are a great way to publicize your work. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the most popular and useful, and you don’t need to be an expert in social media to give content and receive feedback from your actions.Create a professional profile, your personal sites are useless for this purpose. On Twitter, try to choose an agenda: it is not a social network to tell your friends what you’re doing, get that in your mind from now on. Offer interesting content, interact with other content that you find interesting and give feedback. And once again, remember that there is no magic receipt but work and perseverance.

 5.- Make a promo video:

A promotional video is a great way to make yourself known to a potential customer. Many people want to know first what they hire, and a good video can be a great way. You don’t need to be Martin Scorsese to make a good video, just a camera, basic editing knowledge and common sense. Try to get a HD camera and plan what you want to show your audience:reactions from viewers, some visual effects with major impact… The possibilities are endless! Just take care that the image quality and composition are the best. Flee the pieces of music we have heard over and over again: it is better to look for a little known piece which is not protected by copyright. Do not take a video recording lightly! Possibly will be the first thing a potential customer sees about your magic.

We hope these tips will be of some help. The world of professional magician is not a bed of roses, but for a real magic, that’s never an issue.


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