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Learn magic at Magic AgoraThe backstage: behind a magician

The backstage: behind a magician

Going to a good stage magic show is a pleasure everyone should enjoy in life. A good magic show has nothing to envy to any theater performance, music festival r art exhibition. Magic is known as “the queen of great arts” because it is inspired by all arts to create beauty and communicate.

From David Coppferfield‘s great shows at MGM Gran in Las Vegas, to an intimate shown in a small theater by Jorge Blass, to Anthony Blake‘s mentalis, every magic show performed at big or small theaters have a great truth in common: the impact and the beauty of magic would not be possible without teamwork where the magician is a key piece but not the only one.

Sound technicians, light technicians, scene directors,  a good stage show is not only possible because of the team, is the illusion, the feelings the viewer will have and the armony between magic and music.

A lot of magicians, like Juan Tamariz said years ago, make a common mistake: they want to do everything. Lights, sound, script, and be the director, act, make laughs, ¡everything! and the truth is that only a few supergifted ones have the skills and knowledge to do more than one task.

Think about musicians. There are very good composers, there are very good performers but not so good composers, and a few geniuses that do both things astonishingly well.

Same thing happens with magicians. Not every magician is good at all areas, and to carry a stage show it is essential to know your strengths and weakens and how to fulfill them. The perfect solution is to have a great team. Union makes the strength.

So if at any point you want to carry on a good stage show do not forget to ask, be advised by professionals, be humble. Remember there are many techniques to master and it is very difficult for just one person to do them all, even if you are a genius.

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