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There are few things that are more desirable and pleasant than a get-together for a coffee after a hard day. Good company, good conversation… Because when someone says, “Let’s go for a coffee!” it’s not about the coffee. It’s really about the conversation and the time spent together. This is something that we have given thought to here at Magic Agora and we have decided to give something a try with the idea of “coffee” in mind. We have decided to create a Magic Coffee Klatch.

Magic Agora’s Magic Coffee Klatch is a new set of resources for magicians that will permit successful professional magicians to be in touch with amateur magicians of just about any level. Many of you already know about magic lectures where an expert teaches theories, techniques and effects. However, the Magic Coffee Klatch is a bit different. It is a brief virtual meeting that will last about forty minutes where one or perhaps two expert magicians will be in attendance. These gatherings will have a limited number of participants so that their essence is not lost. Our goal is to facilitate a meaningful interaction between the presenter and the attendees. However, at our Magic Coffee Klatches the role of those in attendance is not a passive one. In addition to listening to what the presenter has to say, those in attendance will be able to ask questions.

As experts in the field of distance learning, be it on a national or international level, and since many of those in attendance will most probably be either speakers of English or Spanish, our Magic Coffee Klatches will offer simultaneous translation when the occasion calls for it.

So, how do you get to be a participant in our Magic Coffee Klatches? You only need to be a registered user at, conversant with Facebook and Twitter and participate in our Open Community following the discussion threads that deal with the Magic Coffee Klatches

So, now you know! If you wish to have the opportunity to listen to and chat with your magic idols, if you want to be part of a conversation with the heavyweights of magic and enrich your learning experience, do not miss out on Magic Agora’s Magic Coffee Klatches!

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